Earlier this month I was lucky enough to attend the 2009 Microsoft MVP summit in Seattle. The bulk of the summit consisted of two days of sessions with our product teams (I popped across to some Directory Services sessions as well), and a one day executive keynote session.

Keynote agenda

Some heavy hitters turned up for the executive keynote - Steve Ballmer was good value as always

Soma's session

Soma managed to rope in four of Microsoft's technical fellows - some of the heaviest technical hitters in the company for a Q&A around Microsoft's future developer direction. It was a pity that so much of the Q&A time for this session was wasted with questions and general complaining that wasn't relevant to any of the people on stage.

For two days I was out at Redmond - building 42 - where the IIS team is based:

Building 42 - IIS Team's Home

Conference Room 2200 was where our sessions were held:

MVP Summit 2009 - IIS sessions

Tomorrow I'll be writing up a follow up post on topics covered.

On an unrelated note I've also become a bit addicted to FlightMemory - a site where you can record flights taken. Inputting the flights that I still have records for, I've flown 274 flights totalling around 588,000 kms in the last 6 or so years. The site generates nice maps as well:

My Flight Memory map Mar 2009