Last week I was in Seattle attending the Microsoft MVP Summit for 2008. Certainly this year's summit was much better organised than some previous summits in terms of interaction with the IIS product group.

Welcome to MVPs

Whilst we've seen a bunch of interesting stuff coming out from the product group over the past few months (WebDAV, MSDeploy, Powershell Provider, Bitrate Throttling, Admin Pack - including the Config Editor). However over the next few months expect to see a number of significant additional releases. Whilst I'm probably not at liberty to disclose what these are, think about the major market that IIS 7.0 has gone after (e.g. hosting with Apache) and some of the major features and modules that the competing platform has that IIS 7.0 doesn't currently, and you'll probably be pretty close to the mark in terms of upcoming features.

In addition to getting the inside scope from the product group, the MVP Summit also offers opportunities to talk and network with other MVPs, as well as an executive briefing. This year Ray Ozzie and Steve Ballmer came by to talk to us. Whilst I've had the opportunity to listen to many of Micosoft's senior executives in other forums (Tech.Eds, Partner events etc), what is refreshing about the MVP Summit is that these executives will spend half an hour (or more) taking questions, without notice, from the floor. Whilst they are naturally guarded about the answers they can give (if press are present), we're still above to canvas a range of topics. And more than once a product has changed somewhat due to the questions or feedback given during these sessions.

I, for one, am looking forward to the next MVP Summit in 2009 (assuming I'm reawarded of course!). As a small bonus, whilst browsing Barnes and Noble in downtown Seattle, I came across a most excellent book that everyone should have a copy of :-)

MVP Summit 2008