Well it seems that the IIS product is just sneaking in the final bits and pieces missing from IIS 7.0 at this very late stage of the Windows Server 2008 release cycle. Spotted on Robert McMurray's blog is a GoLive Beta release of the IIS 7.0 WebDAV module. This will be included inbox with the final Windows Server 2008 release, but wasn't included in RC1.

Features of this WebDAV module include:

  • Full integration into the IIS 7.0 Manager MMC Console
  • Per site enabling/disabling of WebDAV functionality (in IIS 6.0, you could only disable/enable WebDAV per server, then needed to ensure your permissions were set correctly on sites where you didn't want authoring to occur)
  • Per URL security (this was doable in IIS 6.0, but it was pretty slow if you did it through the GUI)

Additionally, other modules (such as the Request Filtering module) can be configured to not apply rules to WebDAV requests, allowing authenticated authoring to occur, but disallowing other non-permitted anonymous requests.

Download locations for the x86 and x64 bits.