I took the 3-in1 upgrade exam today (70-649). I honestly thought I'd fail after spending the last few days digging further into a few of the topics that are covered (WDS in particular).

In the end, I scored:

  • 970/1000 for TS 70-643 (Configuring Application Services), which probably isn't surprising as this covers IIS 7.0 and Terminal Services
  • 887/1000 for TS 70-640 (Configuing Active Directory Services), which now covers traditional Directory services, AD Lightweight Services (formarly ADAM), AD RMS (formerly Windows Rights Management Services) and AD CS (formerly just Certificate Services)
  • 850/1000 for TS 70-642 (Configuring Network Infrastructure), which covers stuff like Network Access Protection, RRAS and so on. There was also a WSUS question in there, and some Virtual Server questions.

A question a colleague asked was whether you needed to pass all three components, or just have an overall passing score. At the end of the exam, the testing application told me I'd passed with a score of 850/1000, so it appears that you need to score higher than 700 in each individual section of the exam (as your final score is the lowest score out of the three individual components).

In any case, I'll be having a beer (or two) to celebrate tonight. I'd have more, but upon returning home I found my Amex statement in the mail, which put a bit of a dampener on things. :-)