Having just deployed a test Operations Manager 2007 server at home, I wanted to publish the Web Console site externally, so I wouldn't have to continually TS into my box at home, and use the regular console.

My only problem is that I have a single public IP address, and because I'm only publishing services over HTTPS, I only have a single FQDN that I can use (I'm not willing to pay for a wildcard certificate). So each service that I'm publishing needs to exist as a folder(s) off the root of my published FQDN (assuming I don't want to use non-standard ports and avoid certificate errors). My current publishing setup looks like this:

Reverse Publishing with ISA Server 2006

Unfortunately the Operations Manager 2007 Web Console website isn't located in a directory, but rather in the root of its own website. Due to what appears to be some fancy javascript employed within the site, straight reverse publishing with link translation results in a non-usable site.

Whilst it is possible to configure individual link translation elements for publishing this website, I found an easier way to get this working.

Open IIS Manager on the Operations Manager server. Locate the current Operations Manager Web Console website and choose to create a new Virtual Directory. Create the alias as whatever directory you wish to use externally (I'm using OpsMgr) and point the source folder to be the same as the root folder for the current website (the default is C:\Program Files\System Center Operations Manager 2007\Web Console). Ensure that the virtual directory is marked as an Application Root (a small cog icon in IIS Manager):

Configuring IIS

Now you can configure a standard Web Site publishing rule in ISA Server 2006 to publish requests to https://yourexternalFQDN/OpsMgr to http://yourInternalOpsMgr:51908/OpsMgr and your Operations Manager web console is available for use. Because I'm also publishing OWA, my web listener uses ISA Server 2006 FBA. For the Operations Manager publishing rule, configure NTLM delegation, and your users will only need to logon once (to ISA Server) to get access to the console:

The published Operations Manager 2007 Web Console