I'm not sure who designed the UI for the Add/Remove Windows Components feature in Vista, but that's got to be one of my biggest peeves. If you install/uninstall components (such as IIS) the checkboxes are not tri-state (no sub features, default sub features, all sub features). Instead the checkboxes toggle between "no sub features" and "default sub features". If you want to get all the subfeatures, you need to expand each level and manually check each and every non-default feature.

Now IIS 7.0 on Vista alone has 48 checkboxes in three levels, about half of which aren't in the default features list. That means you need to check about 24 boxes manually to get all of IIS installed. That's annoying.

And what happened to controlling System Restore? In Windows XP you could control which drives System Restore applied to, and also how much of your disk drive was being used by that feature. In the Vista GUI you are now informed that if you have this feature enabled, it may use "up to 15%" of your disk, which no indication of how much is actually being used. I suppose disks are getting pretty big these days (300-500GB disks are pretty cheap), but if you have a laptop then space is still at a premium. A 40GB C: partition has about 8GB for Vista, 2GB for hibernation, 2GB for page file, up to 6GB for System Restore and about 4GB for basic applications. That's half your partition gone without installing Civilisation 4! I can understand that the Vista source size, and the hibernation file size are fixed, so being able to control the space being used by System Restore via the GUI would be nice.