Here are some more of my favourite (sic) annoyances with Vista. In Internet Explorer you now get a pop-out favourites list by default. However if you have many favourites, especially those with long titles this display is next to useless. I have over a thousand Microsoft KB articles in my favourites folder, and the default view makes browsing this list quite difficult because the right-hand border can not be resized:

Vista Annoyances - IE Favourites

Clicking the "Pin" button in the top-right allows you to resize the Favourites menu, but you need to click this button each and every time you open the Favourites menu. That's annoying. At least it's still possible to get the old IE6-style menu bar, but who knows if that'll be available next version.

The next annoyance comes from Windows Mail - the successor to Outlook Express. Everytime you post to the Microsoft Communities, you are prompted to sign-in using your Passport/Live login. But what happens when your IE homepage is set to "about: blank"? You get an error message, and the sign-in dialogue remains until you press "Cancel". You need to do this every time - and that's annoying:

Vista Annoyances - Mail