Brad Smith, from MCS Canberra, seems to have started blogging. He asks a legitimate question: as a consultant (whether for MCS, or for Avanade like me) what do you blog about when all the interesting work you do is off-limits? I know that most of the time I can't even list the clients we have, let alone the work we are doing, the technologies we are using, or even our technical output. It's all bound up in confidentiality agreements, or the IP belongs to the customer outright. Other consulting firms may have some more latitude to talk about what they do, but in the enterprise space (say, projects >10,000 seats) it seems things are a lot more restrictive. Over the past two years, I've worked on two platform migration projects (amonst other things) for big enterprise customers, and we've just almost every infrastructure technology that Microsoft sells. But I can't talk about it unfortunately. So I have to find other things to boost my post count.

Brad: I would agree with Frank. Blog about what you are passionate about - maintaining a blog requires persistance (especially if work doesn't give you time to maintain it). And like all things you do day-in and day-out, that requires you have some dedication towards it.

If you want readers, then try to have content that you can't find elsewhere. Things you've had to work out yourself that have helped others generally make for good blog posts. If you don't care about readers, then by all means shovel whatever information you want to have available for your own benefit into your blog. Google and MSN Search will find it for you later on down the track. For what it's worth my personal opinion is just don't have a blog about blogging. They've got to be just about the most boring blogs in existance! YMMV