The blog isn't dead - but it's been pretty quiet (even more than usual!). I've been working on a Kerberos/Delegation article, but due to the amount of information I'm now splitting it into four separate articles. As I slowly work my way through these, I've collated some other information that you guys might find useful.

At Microsoft's ITForum being held in Barcelona, Microsoft announced that a number of upcoming products - notably Exchange 12, SBS Longhorn Server and the new midmarket infrastructure offering Codename Centro (an upsized SBS type offering) would only be available for 64bit platforms (presumably x64, except Exchange which might also be available in Itanium/ia64).

Obviously this is a contentious move, since you wouldn't be able to install these products on existing 32bit hardware. On the other hand, pretty much all server hardware sold these days (and probably half the desktop hardware) is 64bit capable (e.g. Intel's Xeon with EMT64 CPUs).

You can get more information on this announcement from the Microsoft website.

Something to think about for the future though if you're planning hardware purchases today. And "no" Exchange 12 will not be using SQL Server as a storage engine (well, that's not the plan at this stage). Exchange 12 will continue to use Jet/ESE. Kodiak (the version after Exchange 12) is currently rumoured to be the release that moves to SQL Server