If you've ever been interested in knowing how large scale IIS implementations are managed, you don't want to miss webcasts coming up next week involving members of the team that manage Microsoft.com.

Included topics include microsoft.com's architecture (Mon 7th), configuration management strategies (Tue 8th), change management (Wed 9th), monitoring and operations management (Thu 10th) and identifying and debugging issues (Fri 11th).

If you want an idea of the scale of MS.com's operations, the main microsoft.com website has around 300,000 concurrent connections at any one time, with 70 million page views and 13 million unique visitors a day. The WindowsUpdate site gets around 150 million unique scan requests a day, and supports 12,000 page requests/sec. All this runs on an infrastructure of around 1600 (mostly quad-proc) servers. Pretty impressive!

You can get details of all these webcasts, and signup, at the main IIS Webcast Page.