I was up this morning (at 4:30AM!) participating in a Livemeeting session with the IIS product group, looking at some of the new features coming with IIS7. Hopefully I'll have some time to go into those in more detail over the next few weeks, but here's some tidbits from the session.

  • Like IIS6, IIS7 will have a compatibility mode with the previous released (so, with IIS6), but this can be enabled on a per-application basis rather than on a per-server basis as was the case with IIS6. The IIS4/5 method of running apps in COM+ will go altogether
  • IIS7 will be released with Longhorn (both client and server), but won't be available in Longhorn Beta 1. You'll have to wait until Longhorn Beta 2 to see IIS7. Well, that's the current plan anyway.
  • IIS7, on the client, may have a number of restrictions around scalability removed (e.g. restrictions on the number of incoming connections). This hasn't been finalised yet, so maybe nothing will change (so we'll still only have a single website and 10 concurrent HTTP connections), but we always hope!