Well, it's a little late, but I finally got around to processing the new and updated KB articles for February. Here they are, for IIS and some pertinant related technologies:

An access violation may occur when you use an ISAPI filter in IIS 6.0

You may receive an error message when you browse an IIS 6.0 Web site
The description is a big vague, but it's related to 400 - Bad Request HTTP status being returned by IIS if the client makes a certain type of request

You may receive a "The IIS Admin scripts only support IIS 6.0" error message when you run the Iisback.vbs script in IIS 6.0

The IIS and SMTP services do not start when you deploy a Windows XP SP2 Sysprep image on your Windows XP SP2-based computer http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=889073

BUG: Microsoft Office Word 2003 stops responding when you try to open a Word 2003 document in Internet Information Server 4.0

FIX: Some virtual directory configuration information may be lost and event ID 51260 may be logged on your computer that is running Internet Information Services 6.0

The default document is displayed in the Web browser of a user who is denied access to the default document file after you configure client certificate mappings on a computer that is running Internet Information Services 6.0

The Web Service performance object does not appear in the Performance object list or it may appear as a number instead of the name "Web Service" in Windows 2000

FIX: The "Digest authentication for Windows domain servers" check box is disabled in Microsoft Internet Information Services 5.0

FIX: Your ASP.NET request runs, but no ASPNET_WP.EXE worker process appears in Task Manager when you use Microsoft .NET Framework 1.0 SP3

ASP.NET performance may be affected after you install security update MS05-004

The Inetinfo.exe process may cause an access violation when you have a large SSL post request on a computer that is running Application Center

FIX: Replication of a site that is secured with a Certificate Trust List may fail in Application Center 2000

FIX: An access violation may occur in the Application Center 2000 Component Load Balancing service

FIX: The Acsrepl.exe process may stop responding when you run multiple deployment services at the same time in Application Center 2000 with Service Pack 2

Debugging ASP.NET with the CLR Debugger

Inetinfo.exe may quit when Exchange Server 2003 uses SMTP, SSL, and the Sender Filtering option