Recently I was travelling around Australia with the Microsoft Australia Security Summit. Travelling usually means hassles with securing internet access, and hassle-free broadband in hotels tends to run to $30/day (which starts to add up over the course of 10-15 days).

Greg Low, a fellow MVP and Security Summit presenter recommended iBurst as a great way of accessing the 'net whilst on the go. The week after the summit finished, I was assigned to a project in Melbourne by my work, and so I thought I should secure some kind of internet access (cheaper than the $30/night a hotel was going to charge me).

I signed up with ISP on a 1Mb/sec plan, and so far I'm loving it. At my company's offices in Sydney I can get ~800Kb/sec. At home, the signal strength is a bit weaker, but I can still get ~500Kb/sec (equivalent to my ADSL connection). At the QANTAS lounge in Sydney, I can get about 400-500Kb/sec, and at my accomodation in Melbourne (and luckily the office I'm working out of) I can get nearly the full 1Mb/sec.

With iBurst you have a choice of modems - either a desktop model, or a PCMCIA laptop card. Couple the iBurst card with a Tablet PC, and you have an awesome combination IMHO. Constant internet access (provided you're in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra or Brisbane), whilst the ability to take your PC to meetings, or work at a desk. Awesome! Thanks Greg!